About ChekFaxx Development Co., Inc.

    ChekFaxx.com was founded in 1994.  The purpose of ChekFaxx was to provide an alternative to credit card payments over the Internet or by phone, fax or email.
     Since it’s founding, ChekFaxx has distributed over 6000+ systems, MICR toner and blank check stock for use with ChekFaxx™.  Based on the number of users, it is calculated that companies using ChekFaxx™ software have processed over 11 million checks.
      The users of the software include Fortune 100 companies, Fortune 500 companies, federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, medium-size companies, and small companies throughout the United States. 
     ChekFaxx™ complies with the American Banking Association Standards for use and design. The system also complies with the Uniform Commercial Code as to use. 
      ChekFaxx™ enables users to create customer-authorized checks, recognized by US Banks as legal tender, with a computer and a printer.  Business owners no longer have to wait weeks for a customer’s payment.  As soon as the necessary information is entered into the database, a check can be printed and deposited.
       ChekFaxx™ is a turnkey system that offers everything needed to accept checks via fax, telephone, or online.  It’s certainly a more cost-effective collection method than credit cards.

       ChekFaxx™ highlights include: 

  • Instant online verification of bank routing number
  • Customizable check memo area
  • Instant account recall for repeat customers
  • Duplicate check number entry notification to avoid duplicate check processing.
  • Printer alignment to required check position
  • Multiple database structure for bank, check, client and vendor records.
  • Plus many other features

ChekFaxx™ gives entrepreneurs the ability to expand their market potential. Approximately 145 million consumers have checking accounts.  75 million of them have no credit cards, but have money to spend.  ChekFaxx™ makes it much easier to reach these customers.