What is ChekFaxx™ 

ChekFaxx™ is a Windows-based program that allows you to print your customer’s check on your in-house printer and deposit it today! You can now accept checks online, on your FAX machine, or even by telephone.

Capture that sale from customers who don’t have credit cards

Avoid credit card processing fees!

Immediately increase your cash flow!

Avoid shipping C.O.D. fees!

There will be no barrier to stop customers from buying your products OR paying you what they owe you!

How Can You Get ChekFaxx™?   

ChekFaxx™ is available in three versions, depending on the needs of your organization, select Standard, Executive or Corporate version.
Click here to choose which price level/version is best suited for your organization or Click Here to Choose ChekFaxx5 Net Work Version Software.

How it Works 

By Phone…
Enter your customer’s check data in ChekFaxx™ while speaking to them on the phone, then print it on blank check stock on your printer, and deposit it today! It’s a great way to get paid NOW!   
By Fax…   
Ask your customer to make out a check payable to you and sign it, just as if it was to be mailed, and fax it to you. Inform them that you will make a bank draft “duplicate” of the check and submit it for deposit, and to keep their original check as a record of this transaction.   
By Internet…
Customers simply fill out an online form with their check information and E-mail it to you! For a fully integrated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) online check solution, look at our ChekWeb™ product!   

Other Great Features 

ChekFaxx™   provides instant verification of the 9-digit bank routing number during data input. You cannot print a check unless you have a valid bank routing number.

You can print a 4-line memo right on the check!

Built-in MICR FONT alignment for your printer.

ChekFaxx™ maintains separate database files for client information, checks issued, banks, and vendors.

ChekFaxx™ accepts on-line checks for other business entities, using separate database files for each. You can process on-line checks for as many businesses as you wish!

ChekFaxx™ comes with illustrated User’s Manual so you can start accepting customer checks today!

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