What is ChekWeb™?
The Internet Check Payment System


This online check solution is fully integrated with ChekFaxx™, giving you and your customers all possible check payment alternatives. Your customers can place orders on your Web site and make payments directly to you, by check through the Federal Reserve Banking System!

How it Works

  Customers enter check data into a secure online form
  EzpaymentServices.com™ automatically validates the bank routing number
  E-mail notification lets the customer know that their order and payment has been entered and an E-mail alert is sent to tell you that a check is waiting
  User receives on a daily basis an email with an attachment which contains all transactions over the last 24 hours. You then post the data to a secure bank deposit site to process the transaction for payment.
  You will receive on the following business banking day a confirmation of the funds deposited and after the bank collects the funds from your user it will then be deposited directly into your bank account!

How Can You Get ChekWeb™? 

ChekWeb / Chek-On-Line Is Now Available!!!  

Check Out ChekWeb and See how easy it is to have ChekWeb Interface with your Web Site for your customers or have everyone on your staff the ability to process on line checks!!!
Review Online Checks Now!!

For complete Information and price schedule of ChekWeb call our toll free number Today!


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