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If you have a Web site, we have an easy way for you to earn money and increase your site traffic. By becoming a Affiliate, you can offer your visitors the very latest in E-commerce Payment technology! Join now and link to from your Web site and earn a 15% commission on each and every order we receive–it’s that easy!

All you need to do is link to our site – we’ll take care of the rest! Participation is free and you have everything to gain! We’ll pay you a 15% commission for every sale generated by visitors referred from your site. Other affiliate programs simply don’t compare

Everyone consumer on the Web is a potential ChekFaxx user.  Providing high quality e-commerce technology and a wide array of programming options, is an easy way to provide another great reason to visit your site. 

Great Prices

Customers will receive high quality service at exceptional prices. 

We’ll help you sell

We’ll give you professionally designed graphics and logos that help promote our products on your site. 

Have you ever wanted to make money from your website? 

The Affiliate Program offers a great way to enhance your Web site and earn money at the same time. Best of all, it’s free to participate! 

Join our affiliate program in a few simple steps. We provide you with a variety of banners, buttons, and text links to choose from. Simply add these links to your web site, email, and/or newsletter. You will earn cash every time you refer a visitor to our site that buys our ChekFaxx system! The more people you direct to our site, the more you can earn use our
Trusted Reporting & Monthly Commission Checks! provides our affiliates with tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission checks. 

You receive a monthly commission check each time you earn more than $25. This includes combined earnings from the Affiliate program.

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