reseller program
chekfaxx software ach services and is in expansion mode, and we need quality, qualified people and businesses to help.

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the market for our solutions is huge! hundreds of thousands of businesses are selling their products and services via the internet and need our industry-leading e-commerce payment solutions to increase their sales and speed payment for their transactions.

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everyone consumer on the web is a potential chekfaxx user.  providing high quality e-commerce technology and a wide array of programming options, is an easy way to provide another great reason to visit your site. 

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your customers will appreciate many advantages chekfaxx products and services have to offer. these include:

1. increased sales and revenue
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by introducing chekfaxx to your customers and visitors, you will help yourself in four important ways. you will

1. tap into one of the largest internet markets
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3. enhance your position as a knowledgeable solutions provider
4. represent the finest e-commerce payment solutions available

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join our reseller program in a few simple steps. we provide you with a variety of sales tools to choose from. simply add these sales tools to your web site, email, and/or newsletter. you will earn cash every time you sell your customer that buys our chekfaxx system! the more people you direct to sell, the more you can earn

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