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Please Note – ChekFaxx 4.1 and previous version support will be retired on December 31, 2003.

You can make your ChekFaxx purchase by online check or credit card.  We would like to encourage you to make this purchase by online check to experience just how easy it is!  It’s the same as mailing in a check, without the hassle.  First, tear out the next check in your checkbook. You’ll need to fill in the information below. Be sure to write “VOID” on that check. Do not send it to usWe will debit your checking account either by Bank Draft or Electronically for all items indicated to be purchased. ChekFaxx also accepts Visa – MasterCard – American Express 

Sales tax of 8.8% will be added for any purchase
made by residents of Washington.

Our Guarantee:  If you are unhappy with the ChekFaxx Software for any reason within the next 30 days, just sendback the software and we will send your money back.  No questions asked!  What could be more fair?
ChekFaxx Software
ChekFaxx Software – Upgade – Standard Version – 3 Vendors – Payee
Unlimited Customers (Payors)
ChekFaxx Software – Upgrade Standard with Unlimited Vendors – Payee
Unlimited Customers (Payors)
ChekFaxx Software – Upgrade Executive Version – 3 Vendors – Payee
Unlimited Customers (Payors)
ChekFaxx Software – Upgrade Executive with Unlimited Vendors – Payee
Unlimited Customers (Payors)
ChekFaxx Software – Upgrade Corporate Version Unlimited Vendors – Payee
Unlimited Customers (Payors)
Includes ASCII import/export feature
ChekWeb EFT Services
To secure a information of ChekWeb EFT Services, please call
1-877-424-3532 for complete information onf the services and application for EFT Services.
ChekFaxx Site License
To secure a site license, please call 1-877-424-3532 for pricing. Cost of site license depends on the number of additional systems that are to be activated.  Purchaser must own an original ChekFaxx System. 
Blank Check Stock
    500 Blank Checks  $  45.00 + $    9.00 shipping $  54.00
  1000 Blank Checks  $  80.00 + $  15.00 shipping $  95.00
  2000 Blank Checks  $135.00 + $  23.00 shipping $158.00
  4000 Blank Checks  $250.00 + $  35.00 shipping $285.00
  6000 Blank Checks  $345.00 + $  48.00 shipping $393.00
  8000 Blank Checks  $440.00 + $  60.00 shipping $500.00
16000 Blank Checks  $800.00 + $120.00 shipping $920.00
Micr Toner – For cartridges not listed call 800-220-0468 for availability
P0841   74A  (4L, 4P) MICR  $149.00
P0851   75A  (2P, 3P) MICR $149.00
P0861   91A  (3SI, 4SI) MICR $169.00
P0801   95A  (II, III) MICR $139.00
P0831   98A  (4,4+,5,5+) MICR
TROY 510,512BRO, HL960
P0871   C3900A – BX(4V) MICR $209.00
P0821   C3903A  (5P, 6P) MICR $169.00
P0822   C3906A  (5L, 6L)  FX3  MICR $169.00
P0881   27X LASERJET 4000 MICR $249.00
P0886   29X LASERJET 5000 MICR           $249.00
P0806   92A – C4092A LASERJET 1100 MICR $169.00
P0896   15A -LASERJET 1000 or 1200 MICR $189.00
P0846   96A – C4096A LASERJET 2100 MICR $239.00
P0816   C3909A  –  5SI MICR   $239.00
P0811   82X  –  C4182X LASERJET 8100 MICR        $309.00

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