EFT-ACH Services 
by ChekFaxx 

Electronic Funds Network introduces Funds Transfer 

If your company processes more than 150 transactions per month, this service is for you!  Provide the convenience of electronic fund transfer for your customers, using the ACH system. 


Key Benefits 


Funds Deposit into your own bank account within 48 hours or less  
Easy to use software  
Notification of any uncollected item that was process within 48 hours or less  
Improve your cash flow 
An FDIC Bank processes your funds



EFT-ACH Fee Schedule 


Initial Start up Fee
$75.00 Non Refundable Credit Check

Plus $220.00 Inital Setu Up Fee Plus ChekFaxx ACH Software. 
All services include state of the art technical assistance  
EFT-ACH Monthly Fees
$0.35 per transaction submitted for first 5000 items. After 5001 Transactions decreases to as low as $0.20.per transaction, based on volume. Refer to price schedule under Services / Product Pricing!
Minimum Monthly Transactions Require NONE
$25.00 monthly account maintenance fee  
No other hidden monthly fees!!